A Full Web-based Transactional Processing System

Superior Banking Services


iBanking is a full web-based transactional processing system that includes:

  • Single sign-on: One click links users to multiple applications, such as Checkpoint and Trustwire
  • Transaction Inquiry: Find transactions using various search criteria and retrieve images of paid checks and deposited items
  • Balance Inquiry: Provides access to the most up-to-date account balances
  • Stop Payments: Place real-time stop payments and monitor existing stop payment requests
  • Image Positive Pay: Prevent check fraud by matching valid check issues against checks paid
  • Exception items displayed for payment decisions
  • Check Issues: Ability to add issues and upload issue files
  • ACH & Tax Payments: Create database of payments or upload NACHA formatted files

iBanking Information Reports provides users online access to transaction details of intra-day incoming and outgoing wires, book transfers and ACH transactions, as well as previous day detail and summary reports. Access to available reports and accounts are configurable by user.

  • Wire reports display detailed incoming and outgoing wire information including Fed Reference Numbers
  • Transactions can be forwarded via e-mail or printed for your records
  • Ability to add work notes to a transaction to "mark" an item as processed to avoid duplicate processing
  • Robust search capability allows users to search all available accounts, reports and datesĀ 
  • ACH reports display detailed transaction information including addenda records